Markelle Fultz 22 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

Philly fans are getting assaulted from all sides. Among the assaults that are currently being perpetrated against them:

-Markelle Fultz showing huge amounts of development in Orlando after the Sixers traded him for basically nothing (where’s Jonathon Simmons now, anyway?). Not only that, but the Magic are going to make the PLAYOFFS on the back of Fultz’s strong play. Meanwhile, the Sixers are dealing with a point guard who’s afraid of jumpers.

-Their superstar lowkey demanded a trade at the urging of none other than Jimmy Butler. That’s like two layers of agony for Sixers fans. You keep peeling back layers on the onion of agony and you just keep finding more agony. (Nikola Vucevic, star center for the Magic, is not making any objectionable Instagram posts as far as I can tell).

-Brett Brown is the worst coach in the universe. Steve Clifford might not be the best, but at least he’s not Brett Brown.

-Did I mention that Markelle Fultz is currently showing on a game-to-game basis the high level of skill and poise that made him the first overall pick? His three-pointers aren’t great, sure, but he’s doing a bunch of other things well. Kevin Durant is currently watching Fultz’s hesi pullup midrange jimbos and feeling overcome by poetic energy which will be shortly directed into another praise-filled tweet.

I would even go so far as to say that being a Sixers fan right now is worse than being a Magic fan. And that’s saying a lot.

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