Alec Burks 19 Points Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

I wish I could put “Sixers Debut” in the title of this video, but Alec Burks’ first game with his new team already happened, and it sucked: 2 points in 14 minutes way back before the All-Star break even happened. How are people supposed to remember occurrences from that far back anyway? I could put “Sixers Debut” in the title anyway and I think most people would take it at face value. Even Sixers fans themselves, probably.

This performance is a lot more in line with what Philly fans were likely expecting when they traded for him. His acquisition served one role and one role only: to increase the amount of buckets that the 76ers would get. He is, as the kids say, a “bucket getter”. He gets buckets. That’s what he does. Does he do anything else? Not really. But there’s a reason that they call this silly game “basketball” and not “intangiblesball” or “defenseball”. Because the point of the game is to put the ball in the basket.

Burks is a big reason the Sixers managed to avoid a really pathetic loss. I was hoping for the Nets to win this one so that I could bathe in the tears of Sixers fans and possibly get the chance to see grainy livestreamed footage of Brett Brown dragged through the streets of Philadelphia before getting crucified Jesus-style. The ways the boos were raining down at points certainly made that seem like a real possibility, but then Burks had to go and score a bunch of third-quarter points, and then score some overtime points to put it away.

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