Juan Toscano-Anderson 10 Points/5 Assists/2 Dunks Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

The most exciting thing that happened in this game was probably that Juan Toscano-Anderson pretty much posterized one of the mop-dudes whose job it is to clean up all the man-sweat that is constantly defiling the hardwood. This particular mop-dude wasn’t mopping, but rather wiping. And then he was getting posterized by an NBA player in an NBA game even though he himself is not an NBA player.

I remember doing the same in some of my games of NBA2K12. It’s fun, and Toscano-Anderson is, as far as I can tell, the only NBA player ever to get to say he dunked on a non-NBA player during a game.

If I’m to take Reggie Miller at his word, Toscano-Anderson has been termed the “Stephen Curry of Mexico basketball”. That may not be a good comparison in terms of play style, because at least in this game, all his scoring was around the rim and he was denying Austin Rivers in a way that Curry literally never could. But it for sure could be a good comparison in terms of hype generation. I have no idea what’s going on in Mexico when it comes to basketball (before tonight, I would’ve said that Gustavo Ayon is the Stephen Curry of Mexico basketball), but I bet his exciting play style is getting all the kids really hyped up.

The NBA still shouldn’t put a team in Mexico City, though, unless Toscano-Anderson can literally start scoring 25 points per game and get traded there in order to lead them to a championship.

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