Bruce Brown 16 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

Bruce Brown basically floatered the Bucks to death in this game. “Death” might not be the right word because the Bucks won the game and the Pistons lost, but he did hit at least four of those dang things (maybe more, but my mind is so full of rage that I can’t think clearly). Longtime DTB acolytes will know of my strong and oft-publicized disdain for floaters, so if I feel that a player is too reliant on them for their scoring, or if a player simply hits too many of them against my preferred team, rest assured they’re gonna know about it.

Now it’s occurring to me, how many floaters would I have to witness before I was myself “floatered to death”? Given that I hate floaters with every fiber of my being and only support them when it’s Brandon Clarke or Kosta Koufos doing the floatering, it wouldn’t take too many of them before I literally had a stress-induced heart attack. If I were watching a game and both teams hit a floater for four possessions in a row, well, let’s just say that I hope my kitty Japurri Purrker has my funeral plans arranged. Because I would die watching something like that.

If we took off Brown’s headband would he lose his ability to shoot floaters? Can somebody try it out and let me know? Security’s gotta be super lax at Pistons games so somebody should just be able to run in there during the play and gank it from his head.

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