Miles Bridges 22 Points Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

I got a much-needed reprieve from this dude over All-Star break, but now that’s over and Miles Bridges is back to his old tricks of consistently scoring roughly twenty points per game without fail, thus causing a relapse of my chronic MBFS (Miles Bridges Fatigue Syndrome). I first felt my MBFS coming on at the beginning of February when Bridges had a couple good games in a row. A couple good games turned into more good games turned into basically a months’ worth of consistently good games. Even sane men would be driven to the precipice of madness when tasked with creating so many highlight videos of one player, and I was not a sane man to begin with.

The fatigue has gotten so bad that I’m concocting plans for the ruination of Miles Bridges, and the more I think about them, the less they seem like idle mental wanderings and the more they seem like actual executable courses of action. For example, it would be very easy to find an extremely attractive young woman whose beauty is so awe-inspiring that it utterly distracts Bridges from the sport that he has spent his whole life getting better at. Just have her seduce him after a game, and then move in with him, and you can guarantee that he’ll stop showing up to practices/games and eventually get cut. That’s how hot this woman will be.

Truthfully, I don’t personally know any females who would meet the high bar of physical attractiveness that I’ve sent, but I know they’re out there. I see them on YouTube videos (and other types of videos) all the time. I’ll just divert some of my Patreonbux to pay her to do this favor for me and then I’ll never have to make another Miles Bridges highlight video for my entire life.

And if there happen to be any exceedingly beautiful women watching this video, leave a comment below so I can PayPal you $500 dollars sight unseen. To make it easier for me to find your comment, please comment the phrase “Dee Tee Bee I am a beautiful woman please give me five hundred dollars to seduce Miles Bridges” or something similar to that.

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