Kent Bazemore 18 Points Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

You wanna hear something funny?

Kent Bazemore is getting paid nineteen million dollars this season to average 8/4/1 on 35% shooting.

The reason that fact is more funny than sad is because this is the last year of the Bazed God’s contract. It doesn’t matter that he’s taking up a whole lot of the Kings’ cap space to provide a whole lot of nothing on the court. Kings fans will live with it because they know it’s only for a few more months. Then the Kings will have cap space with which to overpay third-tier free-agents who regress as soon as they get to Sacramento. Bazemore knows all about being an overpaid third-tier free-agent who regresses.

But it’s not Bazemore’s fault that he got paid too much. He played well for the Hawks, and then they set a contract in front of him with a lot of very big numbers on it, and they told him to sign on the dotted line. That dotted line, now bearing the signature of the Bazed God himself, is what paid Bazemore in a single season than MJ made in his first ten years in the league. Not adjusting for inflation, obviously. I have no idea how to do percentages, especially if they’re larger than 100%.

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