Robert Covington 20 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (2/20/2020)

As the trade deadline approached, Robert “Processed Cheese” Covington was widely viewed as one of the major pieces that would be available to the highest bidder. Minnesota had no need for a 3-and-D role-player since they were in absolute free-fall at the time of the deadline; meanwhile, every single contender (EVERY SINGLE ONE) would be happy to find a place for this dude in their rotation. Even teams who already had one or multiple players of the same archetype would take him, because you can never have enough Robert Covingtons on your roster.

So goes the conventional thinking, anyway. Personally, I think having a full fifteen-man roster of 3-and-D players would be “too many Robert Covingtons”.

The Rockets were the most logical choice for Covington to land. Covington is plug-and-play anywhere he goes, but he’s REALLY plug-and-play in Houston. Houston’s offense being so predictable makes it tough for some fans to get enthusiastic about them (“oh look…another Harden stepback…I saw that coming ten seconds ago when he started doing pointless dribble moves five feet behind the three-point line…”), but it also defines roles so clearly that any newcomer to the roster will know what they have to do right off the bat.

Also, Covington started his career in Houston, so it’s sort of like LeBron’s return to Cleveland but not as good.

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