Davis Bertans 22 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2020)

What’s even the point of going on any longer for Davis Bertans? The three-point shootout is over (spoiler alert: he didn’t win), something which seemed to be the overriding goal for his season. Now all that’s left is a whole bunch of losing. If he was the kind of guy who really cared about his stats, I guess he would still have some purpose in life since he could just chuck for the single-season three-point record, but he doesn’t strike me as that kind of guy. He strikes me as a winner.

Good news though: I was idly chatting with Adam Silver a couple days ago while sipping non-alcoholic cocktails by the pool, and he kind of let slip that the trade deadline isn’t an actual ironclad deadline. It’s just a suggestion. So it’s totally still possible for some contender to trade for Bertans and rescue him from the omnipresent suckitude that is the ‘Zards organization. Or even a non-contender could trade for him. You know who I’m thinking of.

The Spurs.

It was never supposed to be this way. It was never, EVER, supposed to be this way. Marcus Morris didn’t even end up staying in New York! He betrayed everyone except the Knicks and then went and betrayed them too. But wrongs can be made right if the Spurs trade LaMarcus Aldridge for Bertans. They still wouldn’t make the playoffs, but what’s more important right now is making the fans happy, and I bet they’d be really happy seeing Aldridge go to somewhere that wasn’t San Antonio.

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