Tomas Satoransky 15 Points/13 Assists Full Highlights (2/23/2020)

Tomas Satoransky is coming off his worst game of the season, a sweet 0-for-8 with 1 assist and 3 turnovers performance that was probably the sole reason for the Bulls losing that game. I was kind of thinking after that game, “wow, Sato has been a disappointment this year, I wonder what’s wrong with him”.

Turns out nothing is wrong with him. He’s totally fine, and he becomes even more fine when presented with the opportunity to deliver sweet revenge (in the form of a REVENGE GAME) to the team that spurned him. I don’t even remember the details surrounding his departure from the ‘Zards (don’t blame me, there’s a reason they call it basketball and not transactionball), but I’m sure there was a lot of animosity. Animosity AND acrimony. So you know he’s going to be excited to have the chance to show Washington what they’re missing out on.

And what they’re missing out on is basically prime John Stockton with some additional posterizing ability. Oops! 15 points, that’s a totally Stockton-esque amount of points right there. 13 assists might be on the low side, but Satoransky doesn’t have Karl Malone on his team (because Luke Kornet is injured apparently), so the opportunities for assists are lessened. Everyone’s going to be hyped about Coby White’s career-high-tying performance from this game, but you and me and all these Satophiles, we’ll be over here enjoying a real point guard doing real point guard things.

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