Matthew Dellavedova 12 Points Full Highlights (2/26/2020)

This season has been quite a fall from grace for the former Finals MVP Matthew Dellavedova. Yes, I know that technically, Dellavedova did not get enough votes to win Finals MVP. But that’s only because the voters were blinded by star power and failed to see who the real catalyst of the Cavaliers was. He doesn’t need the actual hardware anyway; he’ll always be Finals MVP in my heart.

Anyway, yeah, he kinda sucks this year. Not even “kinda”. He just sucks. There’s only so long you can stick in the league solely by outworking everybody and having a high basketball IQ as a 6-3 non-athletic (yeah, yeah, I know about his lateral quickness, spare me the boring details I wanna see dunks) guard who can’t really score. His career has already lasted way longer than anyone could’ve ever thought when he came into the league, so there’s no shame here. It’s just that he sucks.

I blame his new three-point stroke. It was pretty awkward looking before, where he’d throw it over his head with two hands, but he had a couple years shooting over 40 percent from deep on decent volume with it. Now? 18 percent, 13 of 71. I don’t care how much better it looks (which is sort of, but it’s still not very good), switch back. If you want to keep playing another season, switch back. Now.

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