Moe Harkless 17 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (2/27/2020)

Having been witness to Moe Harkless’ entire career up to this point, and having likely made a highlight video for every one of his notable performances, I think I might be the most qualified person in the universe when I say what I’m about to say:

Moe Harkless hitting five three-pointers in the span of four minutes is the most exciting thing that he’s ever done in his career.

Yes, I remember his game-winner that one time. Yes, I remember that one time that he dunked it real good. Those were exciting moments, but they were just one-time bursts of excitement: he did the thing, and then the thing was over, and two minutes later, the excitement you felt when Harkless did the thing had dissipated. Not so with this three-point barrage at the expense of the Sixers (whose fans seemed quite disgruntled while it was going on): each additional three-pointer piled on to his already sizable pile of triples was just more icing on the cake of excitement. Eventually, the sugary layer of icing was thicker than the cake itself.

If Harkless had been a bigger factor in this game, this performance could have been one for the ages. But, according to the official NBA play-by-play log, Harkless only did two things in the first half of this game: he missed a three-pointer two minutes into the game, and then he got subbed out six minutes after that. What, did he just run up and down the court for that entire time, content to never touch the ball?

Wait, that’s a dumb one as far as rhetorical questions go. Of course Harkless is content to never touch the ball. He’s content to be the most passive, least emotional player in the NBA today. If you’re a future fan who is watching this video to gain some perspective on the sack of frustratingly neutral passivity that is Moe Harkless, don’t be fooled by the clips contained herein. He’s not going to do this every game. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

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