Harry Giles 19 Points Full Highlights (2/27/2020)

The Kings are, somehow, still in the playoff hunt. Kinda. There are currently six teams in the 24-28 win range, and all of them are only a few games out of the eighth seed. None of them seem committed to giving up the chase and just tanking out the rest of the season. So we’re going to see one crappy team in the West make the playoffs, and the rest of them will have been gunning for that playoff spot for no reason. I thought that futile pursuit of the eighth seed was an Eastern Conference thing? Since when did Western Conference teams become that desperate to get stomped by the Lakers in the first round?

It would be the most Kings thing ever if they put together a strong stretch of play to finish up the season and wound up with the ninth seed. They’ve been playing a bit better as of late (partially fueled by Harry Giles, who, if you’ll remember, was getting MARGINALIZED up the WAZOO to start the season), and that might have been their downfall: without the recent stretch of wins, they probably would have dropped out of the playoff picture by now. However, it seems like they are cursed to fall short in the too-competitive West, just like last season.

I hear DeMarcus Cousins got waived. Maybe the Kings could sign him to make a playoff push and to further ruin Giles’ career. Did I say that other thing was the most Kings thing ever? I take it back. Signing an injured Cousins to try for the eighth seed when he can’t even move anymore would be the most Kings thing ever.

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