Mychal Mulder 17 Points Full Highlights (3/1/2020)

Mychal Mulder (whose first name, suspiciously, has the same odd spelling as Klay’s dad…where’d I put that tinfoil hat?) improved on his fourteen-point performance yesterday to score seventeen points tonight. If there were any questions as to how legit Mulder was after last night, those questions have been thoroughly erased now. And if those questions have managed to evade erasement in your mind, then you’re being way too much of a pessimist and you’re ruining my vibe right now. People are only pessimistic here if I tell them to be, and right now, there’s no reason to be anything other than HYPED for Mulder.

Now, having a few good games for a tanking team near the end of a wasted season is no guarantee of long-term NBA success. Plenty of scoring-oriented players brought up from the G-League have put up games like this in recent history, and not all of them even make an opening-day roster the next season. Those are just the facts of life.

Another fact of life is that I left my Chips Ahoy cookies out in the sun and they got all soft instead of crunchy like I like them. If I wanted the soft kind I would buy the soft kind in the red packaging and not the crunchy kind in the blue packaging. I hate the sun sometimes. Blackout blinds are definitely the next thing on my shopping list (after the replacement Chips Ahoy cookies, of course).

Anyway, my personal cookie-related tragedies aside, I’m looking forward to seeing what Mulder can do for the rest of the season. I’m pretty sure he’s on a ten-day contract and I’m also pretty sure that the Warriors are going to want to convert that into some kind of longer-term deal. We can’t go so far as to say that Mulder is the “real deal”, but at least he’s not a “fake deal”. And that’s good news for a guy who’s only played three games in the league.

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