Gary Trent 24 Points Full Highlights (3/2/2020)

Terry Stotts is looking like a BIG dumb-dumb for not realizing what he had in Gary Trent early in the season. This guy is looking like a perfectly competent scorer at the NBA level and a decent complement to Damian Lillard (anybody can be a decent complement to him as long as you can catch a pass and not shoot too much), but he was only getting pity minutes DNP-CD’s through early December.

One of the easiest things for me to do, as an internet commentator far removed from the day-to-day preparations of an NBA head coach, is mocking coaches for their “illogical” rotations and “stupid” gameplans. Usually I can even get my viewers to agree with me. When a team isn’t doing as well as everybody thought they should have, it’s easy to scapegoat the coaches even though the players are the ones who actually have to go out on the court and play well.

It’s also easy to attack coaches for not playing players at the end of the bench, despite the protestations of fans who have outsized opinions of how good those players actually are. The coaches are the ones who see these guys in practice, yet we presume to know more about the situation even though we have no inside knowledge and no real knowledge of how NBA teams operate.

It’s awesome.

All that said, Trent does seem to be legit, and it’s strange that Stotts tried to establish, for example, somebody like Mario Hezonja before giving Trent a real chance to show his stuff. In the end, injuries forced Stott’s hand, and now this guy is regularly getting to play more than thirty minutes and he’s looking good while doing it.

While we’re on the subject, is Stotts or is Stotts not the biggest dumb-dumb ever for not utilizing Mario Hezonja effectively?

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