Larry Nance Jr. 16 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/2/2020)

Despite this video acting as conclusive proof that Larry Nance Jr. is a better passer than Collin Sexton will ever be (ever), I predict that its view count will be rather low. And if people knew how lame the assists in it were, the views would be lower still.

I was worried that all of Nance’s assists would be for threes, but his last one was a fast-break dime to Sexton for a slam. That one really saved the video, except not really, because you can’t save something that is already fully dead. Come on people! He almost got a triple-double! Sexton only WISHES he could dish these dimes (especially the last one; how great would it be to be able to pass to yourself for assists?).

There is no reason why Nance can’t be the white Giannis Antetokounmpo. He might not be quite as graceful, but he has grace when he wants to have grace. He has the hops. He has a better-looking stroke on his jumper. He has the passing instincts (as shown here). What does Giannis have that he doesn’t have? The full backing of the NBA who desperately wants an international superstar, but that’s it. Oh yeah, and aggression. The fact that he had 8 assists means there were 8 times when he probably should’ve shot the ball but didn’t. As it stands, I’m getting more Luke Walton vibes here than anything else, and that’s not a good thing.

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