Davis Bertans 21 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

In contrast to Davis Bertans’ last game, where he scored eighteen points on six three pointers, Bertans displayed a bit more versatility in this one, scoring 21 on a wider range of shot types while still canning a couple of trademark three-pointers with the perfect release. In the description for that video I alleged that I prefer it when Bertans only shoots threes since that is his specialty and is the main reason why anybody outside of Latvia watches his videos in the first place, but I was lying when I said that. I like it when Bertans shows off his whole arsenal and proves himself to be more than just a taller, whiter version of Anthony Morrow.

Bertans has been playing so unbelievably well this season that I’m starting to think that my earlier estimates for the size of his next contract might be off slightly. Twenty million dollars per year definitely seems like it would be an overpay for somebody like Bertans, but I could see a pile of money like that getting thrown at him by a desperate team who has missed out on all of its free agent targets. It could even be the ‘Zards who re-sign him, even though the regime that saddled them with the Ian Mahinmi contract is gone now.

Even better, there could be a bidding war for Bertans’ services that drives his contract up into “max contract” territory. I have no idea what the actual numbers are for a “max contract” (the number changes depending on the situation), but the total value of it would probably be equivalent to roughly 1/100th of Latvia’s Gross Domestic Product.

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