Coby White 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

Peep Coby White’s last six games: 33, 33, 35, 22, 19, and now 26 points. That’s 28 PPG per game over a six game stretch. Off the bench. Yeah, six games isn’t a lot to draw meaningful conclusions from, except we use just seven games to determine who the NBA championship belongs to so I think this small sample size should be more than sufficient for our purposes.

I know of no way to look up any other rookies (either historical or this year) who might have averaged this many points over a stretch of six games, but I’m assuming that any other player who did would have ended up as a total beast. White himself seems to be on that trajectory towards utter beastdom; unfortunately, that trajectory happens to directly collide with the ascent of Zach LaVine. That’s the Bulls’ problem to figure out, though. I’m not going to worry about what they’re going to try to do with that logjam of talent, which, even with key players injured, is too logjammed to be sustainable.

I still want White to bring back that fun hair puff he was rocking for a while, but now I’m afraid that one of the reasons for his streak of super-hot scoring is that he doesn’t have that big thing of hair bouncing behind him all the time. The braids he has now are a lot more manageable both from a hair-care perspective and an “able to play basketball” perspective. I pray for the day that I randomly tune into a Bulls game and he has one against decided to let his locks flow free.

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