Zion Williamson 21 Points Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

You shouldn’t really need to watch this video, because if you’re any sort of basketball fan at all, you already watched this Mavericks versus Pelicans game in its entirety, this highly-anticipated matchup between two of the league’s biggest young stars, Zion Williamson and Luka Doncic, thus negating the need to watch a concisely-edited video showing all of Williamson’s buckets.

You DO watch full games, don’t you?

The NBA has recently been bemoaning the fact that a large (possibly even a majority, who knows) amount of its engagement comes through highlights, not live games. There are plenty of people out there who consider themselves basketball fans that simply don’t watch games, and instead consume highlights possibly mixed in with an unhealthy dose of ESPN. This is not okay. I’ve played my part in this, and highlights are a really cool thing that you should enjoy in moderation, but there’s no substitute for watching whole games.

This video is missing a lot of context. If literally all you care about is Williamson’s bucket getting ability (which is fair), that’s fine, but don’t draw any opinions from it. You don’t get to see his misses. You don’t get to see his defense. All you get is a set of clips that makes him look like an unstoppable god and Maxi Kleber like an inferior plebeian.

I’m the world’s biggest hypocrite, because I didn’t watch this game, nor do I watch the majority of the games I make vids for. And yet I talk about the games like I know what happened in them. Just another reason to never, EVER, listen to me, or anyone else, when it comes to basketball takes. Except for Zach Lowe. I’m pretty sure he watches every game.

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