Raul Neto 16 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2020)

I don’t want to alarm anybody, but I have to share this startling and worrying fact that I just learned about Raul “Brazilian Steve Nash” Neto:

He’s already 27 years old.

I guess this is what happens when your rookie year happens when you’re 23. You spend a few years adjusting to the league and then all of a sudden you’re supposed to be in your prime. Since Neto is barely getting backup PG minutes and is scoring four points per game, I really hope this isn’t his actual prime. I hope his actual prime comes with him playing a Luke Ridnour-esque semi-starter role on a team for a few years.

There is good news that offsets this worrying, but factual, fact that I just presented to you: Steve Nash didn’t hit his prime until his early thirties. He was good in his late twenties, but his prime? Definitely in his thirties. If Neto really is the Brazilian Steve Nash (and I have no reason to believe he isn’t – just look at that handsome face), then he will come into his own later than most players do. Call him a late bloomer if you want. Brazilians just have to sit tight and wait for this to happen. It’s either that or wait for the Rockets to give minutes to Bruno Caboclo. I think I know which thing will happen first.

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