Coby White 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/6/2020)

With Zach LaVine out due to some kind of ailment or something (I’m just gonna assume that he’s butthurt about White stealing his spotlight), I honestly expected Coby White to score more points than this. 26 is a lot, but when a guy has recently had a three-game streak of thirty-point games, your expectations are necessarily adjusted accordingly.

I was banking on forty for White in this game. I had even written a funny yet sentimental and evocative description story wherein White gets to visit the Countryside Villa of the Forty Point Scorers. It was going to be the best. But now I’ve completely deleted any trace of it from my computer hard drive (and since it’s an SSD you know there’s no getting it back) and nobody will ever get to read it. That’s how annoyed I am that White didn’t take this opportunity to drop a forty-burger on their divisional rivals.

If LaVine is going to be out for a while (I hear hurt butts can take a long time to heal), then White will have more chances to score forty. And now that he knows what kind of offensive freedom he can have when LaVine isn’t (rightly) monopolizing possessions for the Bulls, he’ll have a better idea of how agressive he needs to be in order to reach that magical forty point threshold. First tip in being an aggressive scorer: stop passing the ball to your teammates. Second tip: stop paying attention to shot selection; when you’re trying to hit an arbitrary amount of points at all costs, any shot is a good shot.

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