Josh Jackson 17 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2020)

Josh Jackson scored seventeen points in this game, an eminently highlightable amount. However, it is my duty as a purveyor of highlight videos to provide some background context to this effort by Jackson so that viewers do not come away with erroneous impressions. Here are some notes from this game:

-Josh Jackson was 6-of-15 from the field in 21 minutes.
-Josh Jackson was 1-of-7 from three, bringing his 3P% this season down to around 30%.
-Josh Jackson was 4-of-8 from the free throw line.
-Josh Jackson did not even dunk even though he definitely can.

As you can see, Jackson’s impact on the game may have been less than what his raw point totals would seem to indicate. I say “may” and “seem” because I didn’t watch this game, so it’s possible that Jackson was doing many “intangible” things to help his team win that didn’t appear in the boxscore. However, the boxscore stats provide an immutable record of his scoring contributions, and his scoring contributions in this one were inefficient.

Maybe I should put the statlines in the thumbnail image of these videos so that people who don’t bother reading my video descriptions can still get these important facts delivered to them.

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