Will Barton 22 Points Full Highlights (3/7/2020)

My last Will Barton video was over a month ago, for his performance on January 31st where he dropped in 24/8 against my beloved Buckos. At that point in the season, I was getting somewhat tired of making videos for Will Barton, as he is the master of accumulating enough stats to deserve a highlight video but not enough stats for anybody to pay attention to him. He was definitely on my unofficial list of players who I was most fatigued of.

So it was extremely considerate of him to take the entire month of February off when it came to having good games. I wish more players took my mental health into account when decided whether or not to play well. For example, it would be great if Zion Williamson would, just, you know, stop scoring for a few games so I could get a break from making videos for him. He’s totally welcome to get assists and rebound and all that fun stuff as long as he doesn’t score too many points. Like, not more than ten.

Now that I’ve made another Will Barton video, the fatigue will start setting in again. I think I can withstand a few more good games from him as long as they’re spread out, but if he starts rapid-fire putting up stats like he has at points during this season, I’m going to throw him into the fiery pits of my exclusion list out of pure, furious spite.

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