Duncan Robinson 23 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

If James Harden keep sucking dingaling on three-pointers and Duncan Robinson continues to maintain his blistering 45% mark from the deepzone, could Robinson theoretically end the season with the most three-point makes out of anybody? And if he did, in fact, achieve that goal, would that be the most unexpected instance of a player leading the league in a stat?

My math skills are not great. Trying to deal with percentages, rate of attempts, current totals, projected totals, projected minutes, games left, etc. is just way too much math for me to juggle. I can barely use the built-in calculator in Windows to calculate shooting percentages. You’re just going to have to trust my gut instinct that Harden’s 266 three-pointers this season is being legitimately challenged by Robinson’s 240 three-pointers.

Regarding the second part of my initial query, I can’t think of any other player who was less expected to lead the league in a stat than Duncan Robinson would be in a theoretical situation where he was the best-by-volume three-point gunner in the NBA. Usually, when a player leads the league in a stat, they’ve been an established stat-getter for years up to that point. That’s not the case with Robinson. He wasn’t very good last year and nobody (aside from maybe himself) expected much from him this season. Not only that, but there’s a big difference between an adequate three-point shooter and a league-leading one. Most people would have expected Robinson to be “adequate” at best.

Now I really hope this happens. Whatever Harden is doing to cause himself to be so garbage at shooting lately, let’s hope he continues doing it.

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