Tim Hardaway Jr. 30 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

I specifically took Tim Hardaway Jr. OFF my exclusion list because he was sucking booty to start this season. During the months of October and November, he would regularly score in the single-digits, and if he did manage to stumble into a double-digit game, it would be in the low double-digits. He was, at that point in the season, hardly deserving of a coveted position on my official exclusion list.

Things have turned around for him, and now I’m forced to re-reconsider the decision that I initially reconsidered in mid-December. The last time he scored in single digits was all the way back on February 1st. He only has two single-digit scoring games in the calendar year 2020. At the beginning of the season, I was thinking to myself, “THJ is the worst third option in the league”, but now I’m thinking that THJ is one of the better third options in the league. I don’t have the time to compile a list of every team’s third option, but I’m guessing that if somebody were to compile such a list, they would find Tim Hardaway Jr. in the top five of it.

If I did banish (or promote, depending on your view of things) THJ to my exclusion list again, he would be the player that has been on and off of it the most times. There were periods of his stints both on the Hawks and the Knicks were I refused to do videos of him before relenting. You can add the Mavericks to the list of teams he’s been on where I can’t get a good read on how good of a player he actually is. I feel like the discussion of whether or not THJ is too good for my channel will be ongoing throughout his career.

My only respite will be if there’s another lockout. THJ would then play in China, and he would love scoring 80 PPG per game so much that he would never return to the NBA.

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