Mikal Bridges 21 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

Mikal Bridges played almost 43 minutes in this one. I, as a Bucks fan, am not saying that in a butthurt attempt to make his point total look worse. I’m just noting that in order to illustrate the fact that the Suns’ coaching staff likes him enough to play him almost an entire game like this is the 80’s or something.

It worked, I guess. The Suns won against the best team in the league (ignore the fact that they were missing a certain MVP), and he probably played a whole bunch of defense in addition to scoring 21 points. There’s a reason they call him “The Man of Steal”. Khris Middleton almost got 40, but how many would he have had had Bridges not been around to disrupt things with his steady defense? Probably 60.

So the Suns’ coaching staff likes him, but what about the fans? Based on comments on social media from after this game, they like him too. Really like him. A lot. He’s one of those players that’s easy to like: understated game, does the little things to help his team win, doesn’t chuck too many shots and then pout when he doesn’t get the ball, stuff like that is what fan-favorites are made out of.

I think I like him too, but my emotions are clouded right now by a second consecutive Bucks defeat that I am having trouble coping with.

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