Otto Porter 23 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

The Bulls were so close to finally being able to put on the court their ideal lineup. You know, the lineup chock-full of young stars-in-the-making that was going to take them to the playoffs? The Dunn (or Sato or whoever)/LaVine/Porter/Markkanen/Carter Jr + White off the bench lineup? They just got Markkanen and Porter and Carter Jr. back from injuries that had sidelined them for most of the season. It’s too late for them to make the playoffs, but it wouldn’t be too late to play this lineup together for long stretches in preparation for next season.

But LaVine is out now, and so is Dunn (although his status as an integral part of the core was in doubt), and these other guys are only just now coming back from extended absences. It’s not a guarantee that those players would have taken the Bulls to the playoffs, but the chances would have been a lot better if everybody involved could have just stayed on the court.

At least Otto Porter is there to keep things exciting. Him and Coby White are single-handedly keeping the Bulls watchable if not competitive. Porter’s game has been growing on me since he got to Chicago at the trade deadline last season and immediately started burying teams with his scorching-hot jimboing ability. If he could only put together a full season of hot jimbo action, then I would definitely be making some kind of jimboilation for him. Maybe next year. Yes. Next year for sure. Nobody let him get injured! Tell other teams not to play defense on him! Please!

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