Coby White 21 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

Coby White averaged a neat 20/4/4 line over the month of February despite not starting a single game for the Bulls. And now, for the four games that he’s played in the month of March, he’s averaging 21/5/6, an improvement (albeit a small one) over those already sick numbers. I don’t want to make comparisons to a certain all-time great whose first name is a homophone with White’s, but those comparisons are basically unavoidable at this point.

Rookies are always eligible for DownToBuck highlight videos unless they are selected as an All-Star. That’s been my policy since day one. But White is getting to the point where, if he WASN’T a rookie, I’d be taking a good long look at putting him on my exclusion list of too-good players. That’s how good he’s been recently. Every time he steps on the court, you can pencil him in for at least twenty points. That’s the kind of player who DownToBuck should be ceding to larger, more star-focused channels.

Except Dawkins is dead. So the on-the-cusp players who I give up on just disappear into a void where nobody makes their videos. Sorry T.J. Warren. Sorry Bojan Bogdanovic. Sorry Collin Sexton.

Luckily for Coby White fans, he will be a rookie at least until the end of the season. Nothing can change his innate rookieness. So you can look forward to another month of sick scoring performances from this dude getting uploaded to my channel.

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