Zion Williamson 23 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2020)

Here’s the deal. Zion Williamson is fun and awesome and cool and great and all other kinds of positive adjectives, but there’s another exciting rookie big man on the roster who is all those things too. Maybe you’ve heard of him, although, then again, if you’re a casual fan who is only on my channel to watch Zion videos, maybe you haven’t:

Jaxson Hayes.

Hayes is getting marginalized to hell and back by Zion. The fact that he’s getting marginalized is understandable, given that Zion has been a complete beastmonster right out of the gate and shows no signs of slowing down, but the base fact that the marginalization is happening remains unchanged.

This tragic situation is elevated to a new level of tragicness by the fact that Hayes’ dunks are so much better than Zion’s. Zion dunks with power, sure, but he barely gets off the ground. Hayes, meanwhile, flies through the sky like a majestic eagle to pack the ball through the rim from impossible angles. And don’t get me started on how much more attractive Hayes is on his dunks. Hayes’ hair undulates sensually while he soars towards the rim; Zion’s hair is totally inert while he executes his lumbering, landbound dunks.

I’m not trying to attack Zion here, I’m just saying, we need some more dunks from Hayes to counteract the dunks from Zion. It’s like yin and yang. You can’t have too much of the yin (Zion) while having too little of the yang (Hayes).

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