Ja Morant 21 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/10/2020)

In my opinion, Ja Morant is still the runaway ROTY of the Year. I’ve discussed this many times since Zion Williamson’s return and my opinion has not changed. No matter how good Zion has been, he simply missed too many games to qualify. The argument over which player is actually better from a basketball standpoint, I’ll leave to people who are more opinionated than I am. I might seem opinionated from time to time, but I’m actually very wishy-washy and will bend my opinions in order to pander to more viewers and collect more Patreonbux.

I sense the tide turning against Morant in the ROTY of the Year race, however. That’s why I’m debuting a new award that I came up with myself that I can give to Morant in case the voters turn on him and vote for Zion instead. The new award is called: The Rookie of the Year award.

Genius, right?

I did a lot of Google searches and I found out that the NBA doesn’t have any kind of trademark on the phrase “Rookie of the Year”. That means that any random person can come up with an award and call it “Rookie of the Year” and it’s not illegal. That’s what I’ve done here. My award isn’t the NBA Rookie of the Year award, but it’s the next best thing, and then when people ask, Morant can tell them with perfect honesty that he was ROTY of the Year.

My research also told me that the trophy design is copyrighted, so I can’t replicate that. Not that I would want to re-create it. It’s just a slab of glass with the NBA logo made out of frosted glass in the middle or something. My trophy is gonna be way better. It will be made out of hardened piles of toothpaste in a crazy spiral pattern and I think I have some old wrapping paper I can use to make it look even more festive. The shiny kind of wrapping paper. It’s also gonna have a special hidden compartment in the base to hold weed or Gardetto’s.

And if Morant does end up winning the real trophy, I can keep my trophy for myself and then I’ll be Rookie of the Year.

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