Goga Bitadze All 61 Field Goals Full Highlights (2019-20 Season Bucketilation)


I would like to apologize to all my subscribers, all people from the country of Georgia, and all NBA fans in general for a grave error that I have committed. Through a series of regrettable miscalculations, I failed to upload a single Goga Bitadze highlight video to my channel during the 2019-20 season, which was the rookie season for the young Georgian big guy.

My supporters count on me to provide highlights of the unheralded and unappreciated, those players who go unnoticed by the larger highlight video enterprises who pollute YouTube with their filth. This trust is given to me, and it is my responsibility to build up that trust. However, in this case, I have ripped that trust from the hands of those offering it to me, and I have thrown that trust upon the ground, and I have stomped upon that trust with my feet, and I have spat upon that trust in utter disdain for those who have selflessly subscribed to my channel. And it is for that breach of trust that I now issue this official DTB apology.

Bitadze’s best game came early in the season, on November sixth in the year of our lord 2019. He scored thirteen points, an eminently highlightable point total for a big man just getting his first taste of NBA action. However, in my base foolhardiness, I dismissed his total of three field goal to be too low to be suitable for a highlight video.

Even worse, he would demolish my flimsy excuses by totaling five field goals in a game which occurred in late January, but I would continue to ignore him, this time with the rationale that “ten points isn’t enough points to make a highlight video.” Those shameful words, originally recorded in my secret diary and now repeated verbatim for the jeering populace of the internet to mock, are the words of a man who fails to understand the magnitude of his responsibilities.

I am sorry.


I would like to apologize to all affected parties that my atonement for the misdeeds described above is a Goga Bitadze video which depicts every field goal of his rookie season, a “bucketilation” in DTB parlance. While, on the surface, this offering to my viewership should be a sufficient penance, as it contains the maximum amount of Bitadze highlights possible, in truth this video is simply not entertaining to watch. Bitadze displays little in the way of “shot creation”, instead getting fed by teammates for all his scoring.

In my attempt to right this wrong, I have inadvertently committed another wrong, and this one, I don’t know how to rectify. I can only hope that the citizens of Georgia can forgive me for portraying their countryman in such an unappealing way. However, if that forgiveness is not forthcoming, I will accept that as my deserved fate.

I am sorry.

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