John Konchar All 23 Field Goals Full Highlights (2019-20 Season Bucketilation)

According to my extremely uninformed opinion, the Grizzlies’ John Konchar (a player you may not have heard of) is the NBA’s smallest power forward. Basketball-reference can list him at whatever position they want, but the fact remains that Konchar grabs a lot of rebounds for a 6’5″ dude, and most of his scoring comes in the paint. Those sound like power forward attributes to me. If Grizzlies fans want to come in here and try to correct my notions about the type of player that Konchar is, that’s totally within their rights. It’s also within MY rights to resist any attempts to modify my opinions by turning off comments on my videos and deleting my Twitter account.

Since the new goal for my channel is to highlight players who are barely hanging on to roster spots and who could walk the streets of their home city without being detected as an NBA player, it would be in bad form to complain about the “entertainingness” of this video. After all, the point isn’t to be entertained by the content of the video itself; it’s to be entertained by the fact that the video exists in the first place. That’s why you’re watching this, and that’s why I made it. As the kids say these days, “true facts”.

Those “true facts” notwithstanding, I’m just going to throw it out there: this video is mostly layups (or “lame-ups”, as I’ve taken to calling them). Yeah, you’ll see some tough layups through contact, but they’re still just layups. When Konchar hits a turnaround jumper to beat the shot-clock about two-thirds of the way through this video, you’ll be so desensitized by the endless layups that you’ll barely be able to weakly mumble “Konchar with the jimbo” before slumping back into your seat, eyes half-lidded with scrublight-induced catatonia.

Now the only thing left to do is come up with a nickname for this guy. How does “Koncharizard” sound? Should I put it on a t-shirt?

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