Khris Middleton All 164 Midrange Jumpers Full Highlights (2019-20 Season Jumperilation Part I)

Speaking not just as a Bucks fan but as a fan of the art of scoring, I love Khris Middleton. Is he my favorite player currently in the NBA? I have a lot of favorites so I can’t really say, but he’s definitely near the top of the list. There are just so many reasons to love him. In order to organize my thoughts on the subject, I am presenting to you, the:



This is the whole reason you’re watching this video and reading this video description. Middleton’s exquisite midrange game has truly earned him the nickname “Kha$h Money Deuces”. His efficiency from the midrange area is unmatched in the modern NBA, and he’s totally comfortable with ISOing if the need arises. Building on the backs of such midrange luminaries as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant (RIP), and, yes, even the great Jason Smith, Middleton has crafted a midrange scoring repertoire that takes cues from the signature moves of the greats but is also uniquely Middletonian.

If there’s a better midrange scorer in the league right now, I’d like you to tell me who he is so I can mock you for being wrong (Kevin Durant does not count because he is injured).


Giannis Antetokounmpo is going to be MVP for the second-straight season. His Greeky-freaky athleticism enables him to score pretty much at will. However, his outside scoring, while improved, is still deficient. What better sidekick for a dominant inside scorer than an elite jumpshooting wing? Khris Middleton is not only an unstoppable midrange operator, but he’s also a fearsome three-point shooter. If you ignore him, he will splash jimbos in your face until you stop ignoring him, and then he’ll keep splashing jimbos anyway. The middy is money.


Khris Middleton sweats. A lot. He sweats on the court, he sweats on the bench, he probably sweats in the locker room too. His ability to secrete large amounts of perspiration from his glands is, frankly, unmatched. And everybody knows that the sweatiest players are the hardest workers. That makes Khris Middleton and Thon Maker the two hardest-working players in the league. I can just imagine you sitting gape-jawed at your computer, having come to the crushing realization that your refutation of my words is simply too fallacious to utter.


In a theoretical OFFICIAL MOST IMPORTANT MIDDLETONS OF THE WORLD POWER RANKINGS, Khris Middleton, as the second-most-important player on the leading championship contender in the American sports league with the greatest international reach, would clearly be in the number one spot. Kate Middleton, whoever she is, would probably be number two, but the gap between them is so big that it would be more like number two-hundred. British people getting BTFO all up in here.


Khris Middleton is too good to appear on my channel. Don’t get me wrong; I love Middleton and would love to make highlight videos for him. But I am steadfast in my resolution to limit my channel’s focus to role-players. That’s how you know Middleton is 100% BONA FIDE LEGIT. If I could come up with any justification for including him on my channel, I would do it, but I can’t come up with any such justifications because there aren’t any. He is straight up too much of a beast.


When the Bucks executed the famous “Brandon Boondoggle”, shipping Brandon Jennings to the Pistons for Brandon Knight, Khris Middleton was a throw-in on the trade. Then-Bucks-GM John Hammond probably told Then-Pistons-GM Joe Dumars “hey, throw in that Middleton guy or the deal is off.” He would have used the phrase “that Middleton guy” to trick Dumars into thinking that Middleton was of no worth as an asset or as a human being. For the Pistons to get bamboozled by a team in their own division, by a GM who wasn’t even that shrewd or even a good GM, is hilarious. I chuckle every time I think about it. Then I remember how the Hamboner traded future studbeast Tobias Harris for a two-month rental of J.J. Redick so the Bucks could get obliterated by the Heat in the first round, and I stop chuckling. Then I think about how Joe Dumars ruined the Pistons with his incompetent leadership and I start chuckling again.

By the way, Viacheslav Kravtsov was the true throw-in on that trade. Middleton was the decoy throw-in.

7. 20 PPG

Twenty PPG per game is the OFFICIAL DELINEATOR between a “good” player and a “great” player. If you disagree, the unsubscribe button is one click away. The rest of us will be over here enjoying Khris Middleton and his 20 PPG per game greatness. He’s done it for two seasons now so you know it’s not a fluke like Mike James or Spencer Dinwiddie.

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