Ja Morant 22 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (7/31/2020)

My video source for this game had a lot of weirdness going on with it, so I am forced to apologize for:

-A missing Ja Morant assist
-A missing Ja Morant bucket (I got the replays though, so at least you get to see it)
-Missing Ja Morant replays after his sick alley-oop dunk (currently watching the Ja Morant dunkilation and crying)

I don’t know if the issue was with the broadcast or what, but here’s what I do know: I am hereby OFFICIALLY OFFERING to work in the video truck/trucks which are parked outside of the arena and are responsible for all the NBA broadcasts getting beamed out of the bubble.

Think about it. I know everything there is to know about NBA videos. I’ve been in the game for (counts fingers) almost eight years. You put me in the truck and it would be a one-man show of switching camera angles, splicing replays, coming up with insightful onscreen statistics to show, and replacing the lame commentators with my own commentary. I’d be running around that cramped little space hitting buttons and putting on a pair of headphones only to nod in approval and then rush to put on a different pair of headphones.

There would also be blinking red buttons that I would know not to touch. Because I am the master of the video truck and video truck masters are expertly trained in which buttons are appropriate to press at which times.

I bet I could totally use the video truck to edit highlight videos during my downtime. Imagine having access to every camera angle in the whole arena. I would put every other highlight maker out of business. House of Highlights would be Homeless of Highlights.

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