Marcus Smart 23 Points Full Highlights (7/31/2020)

Fans of NBA beefs (beeves???) will be happy to find out that there is some seriously beefed-out BEEFAGE going on right now between Marcus Smart and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Well, at least Smart is attempting to beef it up with Giannis. I’m not sure that Giannis is reciprocating the beef, and I’m not sure that he ever will, but a one-sided beef is a beef nonetheless.

Included in this video as evidence of beef:

-Smart getting pile-driven to the ground by Giannis
-Smart getting “kicked” in the “dick” by Giannis (editor’s note: unless Smart is packing a dong that goes all the way down to his knee, no dick kickage was going on in the play)

Not included in this video as evidence of beef:

-Smart attempting to take a charge on Giannis late in the game, getting called for a block instead, and then escalating the beef by alleging preferential treatment from the referees while jawing with Giannis who then supposedly patronizes him by telling him how much he respects him as a defender

I mean, if Giannis was telling me I was a good defender, I’d know he was full of crap. Because I can’t play defense worth beans, even against cruddy pickup-game opponents. I just can’t do it. God did not give me the ability to do it. So I totally see where Smart is coming from if he thinks Giannis is being insincere.

Stay tuned for more updates on the beefaroni between Smart and Giannis. If they meet in the playoffs, I’m guessing things are going to explode in to a full-on beefpocalypse, complete with punches being thrown, snarky comments being made, and zits being popped.

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