Ja Morant 25 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (8/2/2020)

Fourth quarter Ja Morant does it again. At this point, I’m not even sure that he’s aware of the existence of the other three quarters. He must think those are all just warmups/shootarounds for the twelve minutes of “real game” that happen during the fourth quarter.

With eleven points in the fourth quarter, after scoring just fourteen in the first three, Ja Morant quickly went from “not deserving of a DTB highlight video” to “very deserving of a DTB highlight video”. I should honestly know better at this point than to doubt Morant’s ability to generate highlight-worthy performances as the second coming of Russell Westbrook (with a better jumpshot). I thought I was off the hook tonight, but I wasn’t. I was on the hook. Ja Morant has me hooked.

“Fourth Quarter Ja” is such a real thing that his nickname should be “Deadly Fourth”. It’s like how you would say “deadly force” if you had a lisp. And Morant’s use of force in the fourth quarter is definitely very lethal for his opponents. In this case it wasn’t literally lethal (nobody died) or even metaphorically lethal (the Grizzlies lost) but Morant put fear into the hearts of the Spurs today, and that’s all that matters when it comes to nickname accuracy.

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