Ish Smith 18 Points/10 Assists Full Highlights (8/7/2020)

Interestingly, every single Ish Smith assist in this video (all ten of them) was previously represented in either the Rui Hachimura, Thomas Bryant, or Troy Brown Jr. highlight videos I uploaded tonight. Meaning that if you watched all three of those videos, you’ve already seen much of this video (you DID watch all those videos, didn’t you?). The only thing you’d be missing is Ish Smith’s scoring output from this game.

I suppose it’s not that interesting because Wizards players not named Hachimura, Bryant, Brown, or Smith accounted for exactly six field goals in this game. Shabazz Napier made three, Isaac Bonga one, and Jerome Robinson two. It’s hard to rack up assists passing to guys like that who don’t make a ton of shots, so it makes sense that Smith was feasting by diming up the more scoring-oriented players on the ‘Zards roster.

John Wall was providing commentary early in this game, so he probably did see Smith on the court at least a little bit. I wonder if Wall is jealous that Smith is still as speedy as ever? Or just jealous that Smith gets to play basketball while Wall himself is forced to make stilted conversation with the ‘Zards commentary crew.

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