J.J. Barea 18 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (8/10/2020)

Have I told you guys about how much I dislike Jeff “Skin” Wade, the annoying third-wheel commentary dude for the Mavericks? I really dislike him. “Hate” is a strong word which I don’t usually employ for basketball-related subjects, so I won’t use it here. But my distaste for him and his style of commentary definitely borders on the dreaded “H-word”.

All he does is make lame jokes that aren’t funny, or say bland things like “he’s so smooooth” that provide no insight whatsoever, or just chuckle inanely in the background while his co-commentators try to pretend that he doesn’t exist. The only positive attribute that he has, as far as I can tell, is that his two nicknames of “Foreskin” and “Skin Flute” are both hilarious. And it’s actually nickname-ception because “Skin” by itself is already his nickname. Why anybody would want to be known as “Skin” is a mystery to me, but whatever. He probably thinks it makes him sound like a rapper.

I’m saying all that because Foreskin’s unwelcome presence in the audio track of this video comes very close to ruining the entire thing. J.J. Barea is out there scoring in that Barea way that we all know and love, and he’s dishing dimes to his teammates like he thinks all of them are Dwight Powell, but Skin Flute keeps doing these subtly annoying things that take me out of the flow of the video. It upsets me greatly. Barea deserves better treatment than this.

It’s not too late to trade him to the Bucks in exchange for Thon Maker. I promise our commentators aren’t that annoying.

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