Norman Powell 21 Points Full Highlights (8/10/2020)

What you see here is an example of the “mercy rule”.

It is a 100% verified scientific fact that Norman Powell is a 100% certified Bucks Killer. He kills the Bucks all the time. They traded him for poopoo and now he hates them and he will hate them until last of his neurons flickers and dies. I hate Greivis Vasquez.

When you take into account Powell’s “Bucks Killer” status, it’s no surprise that he had 21 points in 20 minutes in this game. When you hate a team as much as Powell hates the Bucks, that level of scoring is almost expected. It was after the 21st point that the mercy rule was invoked: Nick Nurse can clearly be seen telling Powell “stop it, they’re already dead”. Powell spends the next six minutes of game time not doing much in the way of scoring, and then Nurse takes him out for good.

With Powell out of the game, the Bucks made a bit of a run, but everybody in the arena knew it was a futile attempt by the Bucks since Nurse could have put the game away at any point just by reinserting Powell. The illusion of competitiveness was maintained, but we all know that no game between the Raptors and the Bucks will ever be competitive again as long as Powell is still on the Raptors’ roster.

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