D.J. Augustin 22 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (8/13/2020)

At some point, I saw a disturbing stat: DJ Augustin leads the league in dribbles per touch. I can’t remember how many dribbles per touch he actually had, but we’re going to with 30. Possibly 40. You think of all the ISO-heavy players in the league, the ones who want to make sure they know what’s going on by bouncing the ball a few dozen times before passing it along, and it turns out the dribbliest out of all of them was hiding in plain sight as the backup PG on a mediocre team.

Good on Augustin for playing the game the way he wants to play it. Ball movement? It’ll happen eventually, just let him get everything set up just right. Whipping passes from one side of the court to the other is fun for some teams, for some players. Augustin has different ideas, for the edification of Augustin first and the Magic second.

It’s good that Augustin is leading the league in at least one stat (no matter how undesirable), because he’s not going to be leading in any other stats any time soon. Maybe free-throw percentage, if he gets lucky one season. Notoriety is not going to come any other way for him. Actually, I don’t think any notoriety has come his way for the entire duration of his career, and it’s probably not going to start now. I’m guessing 200 views as an optimistic upper-limit for the amount of views this video gets.

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