Dion Waiters 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (8/13/2020)

Oops, totally forgot to put something here for this Dion Waiters vid, that’s what I get for being so hyped about Thomas Bryant (Lakers fans punching the air rn) I guess. Why waste time telling everyone what I really think about Waiters when I could be immortalizing yet another dominant game by Bryant?

Smart people all around the world are still trying to figure out why the Lakers acquired Waiters in the first place; perhaps this performance will get them slightly closer to an answer. 19 points and 5 assists, even with many of them coming in a totally listless final quarter of pathetic basketball played by the biggest collection of meatballs this side of Gramma DTB’s famous spaghetti, is pretty decent. Not really moving the needle in any direction, but decent.

Is there any way that he approaches this kind of success in the playoffs? It’s easy to immediately scream “NO!” while dry-heaving, but don’t be so quick to dismiss him. I can dimly foresee a scenario where he scores, like, 13 points in a game in the first round, turning what maybe was a Lakers 5-point win into an 18-point win. That would be impact, for sure. I can also more clearly foresee a scenario where he makes some horrible blunder and LeBron punches him while J.R. Smith happily thinks “at least he’s not mad at me this time”.

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