Josh Hart 23 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (8/13/2020)

The guard trio of Josh Hart, Frank Jackson, and Nickeil Alexander-Walker combined for 83 of the Pelican’s 127 points in their final game of the season. They also conspired to get 18 of the team’s 22 assists. I consider all those guys to be shooting guards, even if some of them played a lot of point guard this game, which makes the situation even stranger. The only thing that could exacerbate the strangeness is if E’Twaun Moore had played and scored twenty like we know he is capable of.

Since the Pelicans’ backcourt handled all the scoring, what was everybody else doing? Just standing around waiting for passes that never came, getting frozen out of the game, watching the three guards pass only to each other? That’s a bit of a dramatic description of the situation, except in the case of Kenrich Williams, for whom it was reality: he played eighteen minutes and only attempted one shot.

Meanwhile, Josh “Hart Attack” Hart tied a season-high in points, which doesn’t seem true at all, but totally is.

Hart’s off-season officially starts now. What’s his plan? It might involve streaming Fortnite if anybody even plays that anymore. It also might involve meeting up with “females” for some “adult fun” now that he’s not in The Bubb and can do whatever the heck he wants. Eventually, he might even work on his game, but not until after he starts his new Hearthstone-themed YouTube channel called “Hartstone”.

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