Talen Horton-Tucker 14 Points Full Highlights (8/13/2020)

Talen “THT Patrol” Horton-Tucker: is he another one of those end-of-season, end-of-bench Lakers players who has an okay stretch of games right before the playoffs and then doesn’t even get another NBA contract? Or is he one of those end-of-season, end-of-bench Lakers players who actually ends up having a role with the team the next season?

Since I can’t actually think of any players who meet the second set of criteria I listed, I’m going with the first outcome: THT will play sparingly next season, and then that will be it for him. Just like Lakers legends Vander Blue, Darius Morris, and Jabari Brown, Talen Horton-Tucker will end up parlaying his minimal NBA experience into a lucrative contract in a European country that ends in “-ia”. This is just a speculation based on nothing at all because I don’t watch Laker games, I DEFINITELY don’t watch G-League games, and I don’t have a clear idea of how THT plays other than what I see in the highlight videos I make.

Speaking of the highlight videos I make, the only reason I included THT’s assists in this vid was because I wanted to see with my own eyes the player known as “Cacok”. I’m going to look up Cacok’s first name for the first time right now and report back.

It’s Devontae.

I also learned from making this video that Cacok is not pronounced “Kukoc”. This entire project has been a real learning experience for DTB.

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