Matt Thomas 12 Points Full Highlights (8/23/2020)

I don’t think anybody actually realized it, but it was the battle of the Thomases this game, with the Raptors’ Matt Thomas going up against…

Wait, you actually thought I was gonna tell you which Thomas represented the Nets in this battle? Not so fast. I’m turning this into a quiz. I’m going to make YOU try to come up with the player on the Nets whose last name is Thomas and who put up a 4/3/0/0/0 statline in seven minutes off the bench. I’m actually upset I don’t get to play along because I saw the Thomas listed in the Nets’ play-by-play and immediately went to check who it was without trying to come up with it myself.

I’ll give you a while to mull this over.

Need a hint? He played for the other New York team and they gave him a stupidly large contract.

Need another hint? I think he played for the New Orleanses at what point. Whether they were the Hornets or Pelicans at that time, I can’t recall.

One more hint: this player is named after a weapon.

You got it yet? No? I don’t blame you. This guy is about as anonymous as they get, and his scoring skills are so woeful that he rarely does anything worthy of note on the court. It’s LANCE THOMAS! You forgot about that guy, didn’t you? You probably didn’t even realize the Nets had acquired him. I barely realized it myself.

Well, in the battle of the Thomases, Matt Thomas clearly came out ahead with his 12/2/1/0/0 line in 24 minutes. As I said, nobody realized or cared that this battle happened, but it definitely did happen, because I’m writing about it. I wouldn’t write about things that didn’t happen.

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