Eric Gordon 20 Points Full Highlights (8/29/2020)

Full Title of this video: “Eric Gordon 20 Points/8 Layups/1 Floater Full Highlights (8/29/2020)”

The reason I didn’t put the full title of this video as the actual title of this video is because I know, personally, that if I stumbled upon a “highlight” vid that purported to show eight LAMEups, I would never, EVER, click on it. I’m not one to care too much about view counts, but I’m not about to purposely sabotage my work by making it unappealing to the casual (or not-so-casual) fan.

Also, floaters suck, and if I see a floater in any NBA-related vid, I immediately stop watching as a form of protest. Unless the person shooting the floater is Nate Wolters.

As we discussed in the last thing I uploaded, Eric Gordon, along with Robert Covington, has not been having very much fun shooting the ball while Bubbled. But unlike Covington, Gordon’s struggles have been season-long; it’s not unreasonable for a guy shooting only a bit above 30 percent on threes over a large sample size to shoot under 20 percent on them over a small sample size (this series, including an 0-10 that should’ve gotten more attention). I have no idea how this guy managed to score 50 earlier this season. Just no idea. He can’t shoot anymore.

In this game, Covington broke out of his shooting slump in the usual way: by making some threes. Gordon broke out of his shooting slump by taking the ball into the paint and scoring that way. You can debate if that actually constitutes “breaking out of a shooting slump” if he didn’t make any jumpers, but remember: you can’t miss jumpers if you don’t take them, and Gordon is now trending towards taking zero per game.

Newer NBA fans may not remember, but Gordon, earlier in his career, was a very good finisher for a guard. It was only later that he turned into a three-point-contest-winning sniper. So this isn’t totally unexpected from him, other than the fact that he’s about 10 percent as athletic right now as he was back then.

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