Marcus Smart 21 Points Full Highlights (8/30/2020)

Celtics fans are surely in the deepest throes of euphoria after this dominating game-1 win over the Raptors. I’m not going to go to all those social media sites and verify this claim, but I don’t need to; any negative or even neutral reaction would be unfindable compared to the torrent of joyful posts. I did, however, check out how Raptors fans are feeling, and let me tell you, they are not pleased. They said some very mean things about Fred VanVleet. I thought they liked him!

I’m not even going to remind Celtics fans of that time last season where they dominated the Bucks in the first game of the second round but then proceeded to lose the next four. Not even going to do it.

This Boston team is different, anyway. For one thing: no Kyrie Irving being odd and destroying chemistry and sucking. For another: uh, actually I think that’s the main thing. I’m usually quick to discount chemistry as a factor in championship-quality teams, but there was definitely something weird going on there. These days, all I’m seeing is camaraderie and smiles and friendship and stuff. Marcus Smart is more of a leader now, and I think it’s showing in how the team is playing. The only thing I wish I would see that I’m not seeing is Tacko Fall.

Time will tell if this is the year the Celtics make a legitimate title run. I wouldn’t count them out; they can easily win series against the Heat and Raptors, and the Bucks? I don’t trust the Bucks at all after they blew game 1 against the Magic. And if they get to the finals, who knows? Smart definitely has the ability to intentionally/unintentionally injure a Kawhi Leonard or LeBron James.

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