Eric Gordon 24 Points Full Highlights (9/6/2020)

It only took Eric Gordon about 14 minutes of nearly consecutive (he was subbed out for like two minutes) game-time to score these 24 points. The remainder of the 36 total minutes he ended up playing saw him score 0 points. Whoops!

Still, those 14 minutes were really sweet. He just kept scoring. His three-point touch has been absent, but he briefly found it again, and added some of his usual tough finishes on his quest to make NoDefense “LeBron James” SuckBalls’ life a living hell. Sure, the Rockets ended up losing, and maybe they wouldn’t have lost if Gordon had somehow found the ability to score at any point in the last third of the game, but I’d still consider this an “epic” playoff performance. And I’m not one to use the term “epic” lightly. You can do a search on the corpus of my written work available at and verify for yourself. Only the epicest of performances earn the label.

With that said, I’m expecting this vid to garner no fewer than 100,000 views by this time tomorrow. The denizens (I refuse to use the term “netizens” on principle) of the Internet have shown time and time again that the only thing they want to do is find videos on YouTube that they consider “epic”. Well, here we are. You’ll have to add your own music though, just go find one of those cheesy symphonic film-score-esque “epic” compositions and play it in a separate tab while watching this. Or, if you want the real vintage YouTube experience, queue up “Dreamscape” by 009 Sound System and turn down the quality (on both this and the music) as low as it will go.

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