Marcus Smart 20 Points Full Highlights (9/27/2020)

The Celtics’ season is over. Now would be a good time to provide some final thoughts on what went wrong (or maybe, what went right), but if we’re being TBQH with each other, I don’t really want to think about the Celtics right now. There will be no epitaph. No obituary. No eulogy. I have earned the right to refrain from thinking about the Celtics, any of their players, or the entire city of Boston, for at least the next few months. When is the next season supposed to start?

And no, I’m not salty. Why would I be salty? I just don’t want to think about them anymore.

Problem is, I still have to come up with a few more sentences about Marcus Smart, who is the subject of the above highlight video and thus, ostensibly, the subject of this highlight video description. I have already turned off the section of my brain containing Celtics knowledge. What am I to do?

I know! I can look at the boxscore and draw inferences from it like someone who didn’t watch the game (even though I totally did). So here we go: Smart took 22 shots and scored 20 points with them. Ignoring game context entirely, that seems like a lot of shots, and a little more digging shows that it’s the most he’s ever taken in a playoff game. Maybe some people will think that it’s too many, but to me, it shows that he was willing to do whatever it took to keep his team in the game and in the series.

Damn, that was unnecessarily charitable of me. Let’s just call him a no-defense chucker and call it a day. Consider that my last Celtics take of the season. Marcus Smart is a no-defense chucker.

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