Tyler Herro 19 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (9/27/2020)

After Tyler Herro’s 37-point game in game four of this series, the worst thing ever happened:

Casual fans became aware of Tyler Herro.

We’re not talking about the type of “casual fan” who posts nonsensical “hot takes” on Instagram and Twitter and YouTube. Those fans obviously deserve disdain (as do all fans who fail to share my enthusiasm for scrubs), but we’re talking about an even lower type of NBA casual. The type of casual who can only ever identify ten or twenty players in the league at any given time. The type of casual who would be at a loss to name a single player on the Magic or the Grizzlies. The type of casual who watches only two or three regular season games a year. That type of casual was introduced to the concept of Tyler Herro.

This is gatekeeping and I don’t care. Those of us who have been on the Herro hype train since the beginning should not allow these posers to get on the hype train with us. They can buy as many Herro jerseys as they want (and they are buying a heck of a lot of them) but initiation into the cult of Herro-Worship is not so simple as donning a jersey or sharing a link to a highlight video with your friends on Facebook.

And if casuals INSIST on latching onto Tyler Herro, could they at least make my channel their primary source for Tyler Herro highlight videos? And could they donate to my Patreon please? Do casuals even know what Patreon is? Do casuals even know how to read anything that’s longer than two sentences and contains no emojis to guide their emotions?

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