DTB’s Best NBA Dunks of the Bubble (2019-20 Bubble Dunkilation)


The NBA Bubble (or, as I unsuccessfully attempted to dub it, “The Bubb”) was a true success no matter how you look at it. A champion was determined in a mutually agreed-upon fashion, and nobody caught COVID while doing it. Now the NBA’s Disney campus lies empty, its only occupants being the ghosts of the players who died while getting brutally posterized in its spectator-less arenas.

Just kidding. Ghosts don’t exist. The only current occupants of the Disney campus are the corpses of those dunked-on players. Do your part in commemorating their tragic demises by watching this expertly-compiled dunkilation.

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0:04 Why does Kostas get called “Antetokounmpo” but Giannis gets called “Giannis”?

0:07 Stop the video immediately after the dunk and tell me who dunked it. If you answer incorrectly, you are unworthy of watching scrublights on my channel, and must revoke your scrubscription to my channel immediately.

0:12 Yeah, we know it’s a high-flying man, but can you just tell us who thrunked it?

0:21 How many players got injured here?

0:33 The double-clutch was cool, but it also wasn’t cool, because I think Lonnie Walker was just losing control of the ball here. He didn’t double-clutch on purpose.

0:49 These rare Jabari dunks are filling me with unwanted emotions. Make the emotions stop.

0:52 It’s outrageous that this dunk did not have a replay. If I had been in the Bubble (I wasn’t), I would have carjacked the video truck and driven it off a cliff. There are probably cliffs in Florida somewhere.

0:56 Surprised Uncle Dennis didn’t demand a trade after this narrowly-averted kneesplosion.

1:14 I promised myself that I wouldn’t include any Tacko dunks unless he displayed legitimate high-quality dunkage. But did you see how tall he is???? LOL

1:24 Anybody else annoyed that they had to listen to Bob Fitzgerald commentate even though the Warriors were nowhere near the Bubble?

1:32 This is like a NASCAR race where one driver barely taps another one and they go spinning into the wall and burst into flames and shower the helpless crowd with deadly jagged shrapnel, except the Bubble games had no crowd.

1:39 Hold on to your butts, folks.

1:57 I’m digging Joel Meyers calling Bucks games. Steve Novak for Joel Meyers, who says no?

2:23 Raise your hand if you thought this was gonna be a dope windmill.

3:16 Is flopping out of the way of a poster more honorable than just getting straight-up postered? No. But it’s understandable why Herro did what he did.

3:31 Check out the game clock. These two dunks happened within half a minute – the best half minute of JaKarr Sampson’s career.

3:44 The Timelord with…THE WHEEL OF TIME!!!

4:13 All spin moves are travels. This fact does not make Gary Clark feel any better about the situation.

4:22 What does “say it with your chest” mean? I mean, I understand the literal meaning of the words, but I don’t understand how they relate to basketball.

4:38 Anybody else think this was Cory Joseph catching a lob from Nemanja Bjelica at first? This false notion would never been dispelled had Doug Christie not mentioned that both players involved in the play were rookies.

4:54 We’re just calling Zubac “Zubaka” now? Is that what we’re doing?

5:15 I like how Porzingis had to tuck his dunking arm in so that he wouldn’t reach way past the rim. It made the dunk super compact and vicious.

5:25 A new record has just been set for most brothers to appear in a single dunkilation. The Holiday brothers have OFFICIALLY BEEN PUT ON NOTICE

6:02 Not sure how I feel about the bald eagle squawk.

6:08 You just knew that Boucher’s spindly body was never going to land gracefully after this dunk.

6:32 The only player on the Clippers who is less likely to detonate on Boban is probably Patrick Patterson. Or Steve Ballmer.

6:40 It seems like Mo Wagner is getting absolutely abused for the entire duration of this video.

7:03 Perhaps not the wisest decision for Rondo to attempt an off-the-backboard oop while the Rockets are still theoretically in striking distance and there are defenders all over the play. However, the fact that it was attempted, and was ultimately successful, makes it one of the most disrespectful acts of the Bubble.

7:11 Timelord putting Siakam in…TIMEOUT!!!

7:30 Justin Anderson went 0-for-12 from three in a Bubble game. Never forget.

7:37 My dad will never EVER get to see me dunk. That’s sad.

7:48 Shades of Byron Mullens dunking on LaMarcus Aldridge. You DO remember that dunk, don’t you? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPYZpwSpKmA

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