Markelle Fultz Career High 26 Points Full Highlights (12/27/2020)

Good news, Magic fans! D.J. Augustin is no longer anywhere in the vicinity of central Florida, which means that everybody’s favorite first-overall pick can get all the minutes he wants and continue the revitalization of his career. That sub-six-foot ball-pounder can go pound the ball somewhere else (sob), and Mr. Markelle Fultz only has to beat out Michael Carter-Williams for minutes. That shouldn’t be too hard.

Even better, Scott Skiles is not anywhere near the team either, which means his tendency to ruin young players will never taint Fultz’s development. Can you believe that guy holds the secret to getting thirty assists in a single game but won’t even share that secret with anybody else?

Anyway, things are really looking up in Orlando, except they aren’t really. That same tired core of Vucevic, Gordon, and Fournier is getting trotted out even though their ceiling is the sixth seed. I feel like that’s been their core for half a decade now and it never works. However, the ennui of supporting a treadmill team is somewhat alleviated by the presence of Fultz on the roster. If Fultz can muster 20 PPG per game (totally feasible; in fact, he’s averaging 20.7 PPG per game through the first three games), it cancels out the fact that Aaron Gordon’s development has been progressing backwards.

If Fultz doesn’t get a thirty-burger by the end of January, I’m officially going to change my channel name from DownToFultz back to DownToBuck. You might say to yourself, “but your channel name isn’t DownToFultz, you moron,” but that’s where you’re wrong. My channel is actually called DownToFultz, but only true Fultz believers can see it. Everybody else just sees “DownToBuck”. So if you’re still seeing the “DownToBuck” watermark on my videos, it’s because you’re unworthy.

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